Anatolyi Kolesnikov and FOCUS association guests of honor at Les Nuits Photographiques in Paris 28 June 2014

The Kyrgyz artist Anatolyi Kolesnikov (1983-2013) participated in TET A TET exchange organized by FOCUS between Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan in 2009 and 2011. His video "Swiss Monolith" has been selected for a projections night at Les Nuits Photographiques in collaboration with Elysée Museum in Lausanne. By presenting Anatolyi's artwork in Paris FOCUS does honor to his memory.

In 2009, four Swiss artists - Adrienne Scherrer, Yann Gross, Régis Tosetti and Simon Deppierraz - have been to Kyrgyzstan to collaborate with five Kyrgyz artists - Anatolyi Kolesnikov, Nikolai Cherkasov, Bermet Borubaeva, Chingiz Aidarov and Dmitry Petrovsky. They worked together during 3 weeks in order to present a first exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek. In 2011, the Kyrgyz came to Switzerland and built a second exhibition at the EX-EPA in Vevey. TET A TET is an international artistic exchange which fostered dialogue and ideas sharing between two diverse cultures.

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In January 2014, FOCUS association invited two rock bands from Afghanistan

By organizing the program Sofa Kabul, FOCUS association has encouraged idea sharing between Switzerland and Afghanistan. The goal was intended to foster dialogue between traditional and contemporary art, the mix of artistic statements and generations.

In that spirit, the Afghan Rock Nights have taken place at Dachstock in Bern, Rote Fabrik in Zurich, RKC in Vevey and Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel. More than 300 people attended the concerts which are now available on our MEDIA page in audio and video. FOCUS warmly thanks its partners, the audience and the venues that welcomed us.

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FOCUS organizes four Afghan Rock nights in January 2014

Singer and filmmaker Ariana Delawari and Kabul based rock band White Page will play at four renown cultural venues in Switzerland.

This project aims to promote the Afghan artistic scene at an international level and mix diverse musical influences both traditional and contemporary in order to treasure Afghan legacy and open doors to new artistic opportunities.

10.01.14  Reitschule, Bern 11.01.14  Rote Fabrik, Zürich 17.01.14  Rocking-chair, Vevey 18.01.14  Case à chocs, Neuchâtel
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